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In the mood of creation Guanlan Original Printmaking Base
Author:Daniela Ruiz Moreno    Published:2015-02-12    

Daniela Ruiz Moreno

In the mood of creation Guanlan Original Printmaking Base

Art is a state of mind and to be anartist-in-residence is a state of being, is to be in a certain mood. Incontemporary world, where technology, social networks and the ever acceleratingrhythm of life produces a split of the self, a feeling of having our attentionput in too many things or our energy deposited or even stolen by parasitedevices, artistic residencies appear as moments of retire, as opportunities tofocus and put the self together. Far from being instances of isolation or pureintrospection, the moment of being an artist-in-residence means unwiring fromdaily duty and distractions and connecting with creation.

At the same time, each artistic residency creates aparticular mood, which is shaped by time, space and people. When recalling myown experience in the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base and while talking withthe international artists-in-residence, a feeling of entering to a parallelworld/dimension is recognized, a daydreaming state that allows replacinganxiety by a balanced energy.  Various and unique aspects of “The Base”achieve and enable this perfect mood for artistic creation:

Artists spend the working and leisure time in thePrint Artist Village, an area that includes a very well equipped printmakingworkshop, the International Artists Village and the Art Tribe. They have anindividual studio in the workshop and also work together with assistants in abig common space where the prints are actually produced. This facility is openthe whole day.

The International Artists Village, located at awalking distance from the workshop, is conformed by 300 hundred-year-old Hakkahouses preserved in excellent conditions and with all the necessary equipmentto feel at home. In addition to these houses, the wonderful naturalsurroundings of flowers, strawberry fields and a lotus pound are an importantpart of the magic atmosphere of the GOPB.

As the name states, this is a Printmaking Village soeverything is related to and prepared for printmaking, one walks around feelingin printmaking world. From a Bookstore and Café, art galleries where different exhibitions take place along theyear, to Chinese artists studios, grocery stores, to even a special placecalled the “Print Bar” where childrenare taught printmaking techniques. This Village is not only an internationalartists centre but also a meeting point for the local community, which canvisit the place for free.

A numerous and efficient team of artists, curatorsand theorists activates “TheBase”. Workshop assistants are all from a very youngage and have impressive technical skills; the important Chinese printmakingtradition is reflected in their precise and detailed craft.

Furthermore, the recently opened China Print ArtMuseum is another highlighting point that adds to the significance of thisplace and enlarges the scope of influence of the area. Being the largestprintmaking museum in the world, it is a centre for local and international artexhibitions, education and will lodge the 5th Guanlan International PrintBiennial.

All in all, the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base isa fruitful space of relations between people, nature and art. A space ofexchange among overwhelming architecture, nature, a remarkable professionalteam, complete facilities and experienced international artists which triggersartistic activity in an ideal way. It is not only a place that values andembraces printmaking, but a clear and inspiring example of how art can be anessential source of social development and reinforcement.