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"Inherit & Forward - 2015 Chinese Printmaking Artists Print Invitational Exhibition" Opening

      On March 13, 2015, the Print Council of China Artists Association host the "Inherit & Forward - 2015 Chinese Printmaking Artists Print Invitational Exhibition" in China Printmaking Museum opening. "Inherit & Forward" is for nearly 30 years active in China's printmaking 50 to 70 years old printmakers, whose the periodic positioning of the accountability. It is to the Chinese printmaking from traditional form to modern form conversion, both inheritance in the past and development future history with summary. The exhibition invited this age section with printmakers representative 147 people and featured the works of 294. These artists, on the one hand, inherited the advantages of new Chinese woodcut fine traditions, on the other hand go into a new era, continue to accept new ideas, and create a new situation in the Chinese art. They are the "future" of the artists in the history of the development of new Chinese prints.

     Exhibition at the invitation of although the painter age span larger, artistic orientation are also not the same, but they creative peak mostly in "85" fashion after nearly 30 years, belonging to a connecting link between the preceding and the following generation of student generation. Their creation has both connection of previous, more to go beyond the traditional and expand, which some artists working in the conversion of printmaking of ontology construction and form, in visual revolution and contextual variability realized printmaking of the modern transformation, but also make printmaking the current showing a pluralistic tendency. Majestic beauty and colorful and pluralistic orientation is the actual appearance of the exhibition, but also Chinese printmaking the realistic state in the past 30 years.

    From classic review until the contemporary exploration, the breadth of the age span and thought are to be presented in this exhibition . This exhibition is Chinese printmaking history first of stage specific results show and systematically, following the "Chinese Printmaking Exhibition”, China Printmaking Museum opened to the public since the second exhibition. By the famous experts and scholars, Mr. Guang Jun, Jiang Lu and Mr. Qi Fengge served as curator. The exhibition will last until April 20.