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The Second Macao Printmaking Triennial Global Openly Piece

       Sponsored by the Bureau of Culture, assisted by Macao Printmaking Research Center, the 2nd triennial in printmaking in Macao will be held in 2015 in November, with immediate effect to the global feature set works, date of receipt by the ended June 30 days. In order to promote the development and communication of printmaking,the Bureau of Culture held for the first time in the Macao print Triennial in 2012 successfully, multinational and local artists show warm response. This year re-invited the Australian senior artist Wang Zhenbao co-ordination, in order to establish a more perfect print communication platform, the current gold amount more particularly increased to MOP $250000, hopefully  further encourage and to attract the world's best works to run in collection.

        No limited to the plate and plate making techniques, works should for the five years latest and not to print triennial exhibited, size within one meter square of paper, per person to pay two pieces at most. Works should be to set packaging shipped to the Macao Museum of Art. Date of receipt from 1 to 30 June. Organizers will invite a number of domestic and foreign famous printmakers to act as judges, judging will be in July. Selected list of published in July, the first three outstanding works will be awarded gold medal MOP $250000, silver $80000 and bronze $50000.

         Feature set of the articles of association in Culture Bureau Building, the Macao Museum of Art, Tashi Arts Center, Macao Central Library of the subordinate branch, Macao Design Center, Guanleyi fund Gallery, soliciting from Macao AFA and OX warehouse, and application form can download on the Cultural Bureau Website: http: / /  or Printmaking Triennial of Official Website:

         If you have any query, please contact Printmaking Research Center Mr. Yang, + 853 2836 7588 , email

Exhibition: 29/11/2015 - 14/02/2016
Location: Macao Museum of Art