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The 1st China-Japan Print Exhibition
    At 10 o’clock on November 17th, 2016, the 1st China-Japan Modern Print Exhibition, jointly hosted by Print Academy of China National Academy of Painting, China Print Association (organizer) and Japan Print Association has been on show in China Printmaking Museum in Longhua District, Shenzhen City. At the opening ceremony, the president of Japan Print Association, Mr. Isomi Teruo, the executive dean of Print Academy of China National Academy of Painting, Mr. Guangjun, and the director of Print Art Committee of Chinese Artists Association, Mr. Jianglu, have given wonderful speeches. In addition, there are around 80 people attending the opening ceremony, including well-known artists from home and abroad, they are- Mr. Harumi Sonoyama, Ms. Yagi Nagisa, Mr. Song Yuanwen, Mr. Qi Fengge, Mr. Yangyue, Mr. Zhang Guilin.Totally there are 212 pieces of works from 106 artists displayed at the Exhibition and it lasts until the 19th of December.

    In terms of printmaking, the connection between China and Japan has been rather close and the history has been long enough. In the middle of the 5th century, Buddhism, paper-making technique as well as printmaking art were spread from China to Japan. Since then, the words “printmaking” and “edition” have been existed. The Ukiyoe art of Japan, which we often talk about, has been influenced directly by the printmaking art spread from China in Qing and Ming dynasties. Ever since the 20th century, Japanese printmaking has been more sensitive to the reformation of western printmaking art than China has been. The word “printmaking” was introduced into China in the 1920s. Mr Luxun, based on his knowledge on Japanese and western printmaking art at that time, has set up a “woodcut training course” in Shanghai and it was the very beginning of the “newly-developing woodcut initiative”. Until the 1980s, Chinese printmakers have been sensing the “modernity” of printmaking from the peers in Japan and learning the changes of printmaking art of the world outside, the new materials and the new techniques in the mean time. It has been 3 decades since our connection in printmaking, and the relationship between Chinese printmakers and Japanese printmakers has been fairly pleasant regardless of differences in periods, regions and situations.
    The excellent techniques and talents of contemporary Japanese printmakers are witnessed widely and have wide and great impact on international art circle. Chinese printmaking has shown prosperous advancing progress due to China’s overall development. We have seen abundant printmakers with distinct characteristics and outstanding techniques springing up in our time.
    The 1st China-Japan Print Exhibition is held in China Printmaking Museum. All of the displayed works are the masterpieces of the most remarkable printmakers from both countries and they are also the representatives of the distinctive features and artistic sense of printmaking from both sides. The Exhibition has inherited the fine tradition of friendly exchanges between Chinese printmaking art and that of Japan’s. We are confident that it is the new chapter of the further progress of the cooperation of printmakers from the two countries.

    Next year marks the 45th year since the normal relation between China and Japan began. The host is in the hope of further enhancing the mutual understanding of printmakers of China and Japan and promoting the common progress of the printmaking art of the two countries.